Ankara Two-piece

Bag||Hermes. Shoes||Atmosphere

It’s basically been about two-pieces for me lately with Ankara fabrics.

Another wedding, another two-piece LOL, this time with a sweetheart-neck crop. So, the skirt is not as big as I like but an iron should fix that.

I would have gotten the style a while back but I wanted a bright-coloured Ankara fabric, so when they brought this ‘aso-ebi’ I jumped at it (literally)

So, the combination-lover I am, loves two-pieces because I can multi-rock them separately; the top on a trouser or another skirt and the skirt with other blouses or shirts thereby creating a whole new set of outfits.

You can try to be creative with your two-pieces and you would be surprised as to how many outfits you can come up with.


Have a good week guys!

LoveandKisses From TANG.

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