Ankara Off-Shoulder

Ankara Off-Shoulder

Ankara top (5)

Hi people! How is it going? The weekend is almost here and I just wanted to quickly drop a weekend outfit inspiration post for you guys before I fully start work this morning.

I have been on the off-shoulder trend since last here, I even posted my off-shoulder iro & buba look here and I am definitely still loving it. I got a few off-shoulder pieces but I never got around to shooting them, this Ankara blouse though is one I could not resist shooting, in fact I had two different shoots for it just because I can pair it with anything I want, you all know how much I love versatile pieces. I wore it with jeans in one shoot, then a black pencil skirt in an indoor shoot and as a peplum piece on a black top & skirt. The blouse is one half of a two piece which includes a midi pencil skirt and if you follow me on Instagram @wumituase (why are you not following me though?), you would have already seen the complete outfit which I wore on Easter Sunday to church.

I could not decide which of the looks to post so I’d just drop all the pictures here, let me know what you think.

Off shoulder look 1 (3)

Off shoulder look 1 (2)

Off shoulder look 1 (1)

Off shoulder look 1 (9)

off shoulder

Ankara top (1)

Off shoulder look 2 (2)

Off shoulder look 2 (5)

Off shoulder look 1 (7)

Which look is your favorite? I just realised I did not have a full picture of the black pencil skirt but I think you get the idea already LOL.

Blouse– My Tailor

Tan shoes– Cherry Fox (

Black top & skirt– Thrifted (@thethriftstoreng)

On another note, I am a music lover and I just heard the most noiseless mixtape ever! The problem I usually have with mixtapes is the way the mash ups make a lot of noise so here I am sharing this Afromix tape with you guys, it’s a combination of Nigerian & foreign music, thank me later.


Do have a wonderful weekend guys!

LoveandKisses from TANG.


0 thoughts on “Ankara Off-Shoulder

  1. Yaaaas I can see that highlight popping thruuu, gorgeous make up as well as outfit, that top’s so cute and I like how versatile it seems to be.x

  2. Hi Wumi,

    I love the off-shoulder trend, bared shoulders are sensual in a subtle way. You have such a lovely complexion, looks like polished ebony. 🙂

    The black pencil skirt look is my favourite, looks very lady like.

    1. Hey darling. Thank you so much for the compliment, my cheeks are burning up! LOL. Yes I agree with you about off-shoulders being sensual. Do come around often pretty please.

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