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The Alternative Wedding Guest Outfit

The rate in which people around me are getting engaged is quite surprising as some of my friends whom I never even thought were thinking of getting hitched, have been saying “YES” these days. Seeing as they would soon start throwing asoebi messages at me, I have started learning how to say “NO” and also started looking for alternative outfits in my wardrobe, this is one of them.

This collaboration with MJ of TLM URBAN has been a long time coming, we have been planning but our schedules kept clashing but recently we both had a free day and decided to utilize it for the shoot. Let me just put it out now that MJ got inspired by my blue dress hence his own blue cap (Hey MJ haha). After lots of deliberations on what theme we were going for, the only thing we agreed on was to shoot a not too casual look although no titles came to mind. I already had the idea of shooting an alternative wedding guest look like I have done before on the blog and this blue dress has been on my mind so shoot day came and I saw MJ with a blue aso-oke cap, I just knew my wish had come true.

Shooting with MJ was fun. I had not met him prior to that day so I did not quite know what to expect, my only collaboration with a blogger was with my babe Grace so doing this with him is a first on the blog. MJ got me laughing throughout with his enthusiasm even though the screen of his new phone shattered during the shoot, he was still in a good mood, I told him I could not have nailed that even if I tried (I might start crying right there because I am so dramatic).

I went with a simple blue mullet dress and a cape blazer draped on blogger style and I paired it with my studded striped pumps. My hair was down so I did not bother with jewelry (you all know I rarely bother with jewelry). I did not carry any purse in these photos but my best pick would have been my silver clutch and I am ready to gatecrash my ex boyfriend’s wedding (check out MJ and I’s strut in the picture below) LOL! Joking.

I would definitely be doing more collaborations (yeah I promise a lot, forgive me) as I have a few of them lined up before the end of this year. It is a good way to socialize with blogger babes/guys and build long=lasting relationships, although I feel we Nigerian bloggers need to do better in this aspect and stop discrimination when it comes to collaborations, it is understandable that you want it to be mutually beneficial but sometimes great planning achieves awesome results that none of you ever envisioned. Drops Mic

Tea Length Wedding Dresses AU

Check out MJ’s post here and please show some love. Do you buy every wedding material that comes your way to show support? What do you think about finding alternative wedding outfits?

Outfit Details

Dress & Blazer- The Thrift Store NG//Shoes- Gift.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but at the end thereof are the ways of death”- Proverbs 14:12

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  1. Actually i buy evry asoebi fabric dat comes my way nd it’s usually to show support but i think i need to be saying no now nd just go support by attending d wedding bcos d prices of dese fabrics ehnnnnnnn nawa lol, ur dimple omg ???????? you look great

  2. Girl, MJ is fineeeeeeeeeee!!!

    That being said, your dress is pretty. This is a beautiful collaboration and blue look food on you.

    Did I mention that MJ is fineeeeeeeeee? #okbye

    1. wumituase says:

      Lmao girl! I heard you well the first time na. Thank you sugar. ❤️

  3. Hello Beautiful! I have heard a lot about aseobi and can totally relate to the fact that every Jim and jack are getting engaged these days. I am in that boat and you can only imagine how much money is involved . The struggle is real. In other news you both look stunning. The pop of colour is stunningx

    1. wumituase says:

      The money factor though! Crazy. Wait, does that mean you’re engaged??? I need answers Steph! Hahaha. Thank you darling ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I love this collaboration. You guys look so great, your dress is really pretty. Nice post…xxx

  5. […] comfort and still look good.In my opinion, there is nothing a blazer cannot dress up, make it a cape blazer and you’ve got yourself a statement piece. I picked a button-down denim crop form this two-piece […]

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