A Birthday Message To My Mum- Best Friend Goals

A Birthday Message To My Mum- Best Friend Goals

Writing this birthday message to mum because she has been my best-friend since I was born. I learned to tell her everything and she always knows if I’m hiding something from her. It’s her birthday today and this is me saying Happy Birthday the blogger way.

I won’t lie, my mum and I quarrel a whole lot, always have and I don’t think it would stop soon. My dad says it’s because we are too alike, apart from us looking so much alike physically. She’s as stubborn as you can imagine and so am I, hence, the clashes are always terrible. We have however learned to deal with it; When I’m wrong, I apologize (after a while of forming strong head) & When she is wrong, I still apologize (sigh!) but she makes it up to me by extending the olive branch. We all know African mothers never come out right to say sorry LOL. I’ve mentioned her extreme African-Mum(ism) here, here and here.

Sweet Birthday message to my mother

We got very close when I was in the university. Our fights are because she thinks I’m a lazy ass. To be honest, I rarely help out in the kitchen unless I really want to. She goes “You are too lazy, don’t worry it will follow you tour husband’s house” then I’ll retort “My husband would love me like that, leave me alone” and then she goes “See the way she’s even talking to me” etc. All in Yoruba so you can imagine how the rest of the conversation will lead to a full blown fight.

Sweet Birthday message to my mother

I love my mum and I’d do anything for her. She has sacrificed so much for my dad and I, she’ll forever be our Queen. I’m not here to celebrate her strength based on what she has sacrificed though. It’s about everything she is as a woman on her own. Without the tags “Mum” & ‘Wife”. Listening to her stories and watching her go through two fibroid surgeries successfully made me realize that she is strong in all ramifications; spiritually , physically and mentally. I asked her if I could mention the surgeries and her response was ‘Of course, it is a miracle God did and we should tell it to the world’.

She never lets these things weigh her down, there are times where she was close to depression. I could see it in her eyes but every time she turned to God and kept saying “If I praise God enough, my sadness would turn into joy”.

I’ve had to stop this birthday message a few times because thinking about her gets me so damn emotional LOL.

Sweet Birthday message to my mother

I never got the “talk” from my mum. What she did though, was to let me sit in and listen whenever she counsels couples, young ladies and others. I listen to their real life experiences and it was her way of teaching me because I might have not believed the stories if they came from her directly. When I made my first major mistake, she never judged me, she listened to me and prayed with me while we bonded over it after she got over her anger & that was when I knew I had a best-friend in her.

I tell people I can tell my mum everything. I actually tell her 99% of what’s going on in my life. Let’s leave that 1% for myself, a girl’s gotta have her own secrets. My mum knows how to pry things out of me without even trying. All my friends love to gist with her, no matter the subject, she’s like one of the girls. I know some of my friends that would rather go to my mum for advice than me. She’s cool like that, which is kinda weird LOL.

You need to watch her with her husband, they’re like the most annoying (I say this with love) couple ever. One minute they’re fighting, the next my dad is hailing her & the next she’s asking him what he’ll eat. I tell them I don’t know how they’re still together after all these years because they’re both so stubborn but I know that it takes more than love to keep it working. My parents never hide their fights & issues from me, it’s like we are three in the marriage and boy, I have learned so much!

Sweet Birthday message to my mother

Mum, you are my pride (as I know I’m yours). Thank you for being my biggest fan, thank you for being my support system and thank you for being the perfect best-friend. I make promises to you every year so this year I am going to pray that God keeps you alive for long so you can enjoy everything that is rightfully yours.

I LOVE YOU MAMA WUMI! Happy birthday to you and big Daddy. Yes she’s a twin too!

Sweet Birthday message to my mother

Please wish my mum a Happy Birthday for me. I promise you, she’ll read this post every week till the end of the year, she’s very dramatic like that.

LoveandKisses from TANG

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”- Proverbs 31:28-29

15 thoughts on “A Birthday Message To My Mum- Best Friend Goals

  1. Yes true. She’s a perfect mom to confide in especially with matters of the heart. You can’t have a ten minutes conversation without learning something. Here’s to more prosperous years. Love you.

  2. Happy Birthday Mama Wumi ! Wishing you more life in good health and prosperity 🎊🎊

    P.S: I’m the one that was looking for Zobo when it finished at the shopping party 😩

  3. Happy birthday mummy, may God bless and keep you long enough to enjoy the fruit of your labour in Jesus name. Amen.

  4. Aaaaw, your mum is stunning. She looks so young! a BIG happy birthday to her! (Is that her twin in the last photo?) Mum sounds like every African mother – never says sorry, but full of love. It would be an honour for my children to speak about me like this one day.


    1. Yes that’s her twin in the lasts photo.
      I really hope I’m a good parent too so my kids can have so much cool stuff to say.
      Thank you so much Madeline ❤️

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