Black X White Series- Shirt Dress

Hey people

How’s your week going? Happy Customer Service Week, I can personally tell you that (we) the good customer service officers are real Everyday Heroes. ?Although some customers can be very mean (too mean) but I still believe the best way to treat them is to be polite and understanding; empathize with them in any issue and try your best to satisfy them. Sigh… We got to do what we got to do because if they aren’t there, we won’t be here. Lol.

Enough of that now. I have been getting various ideas on Series to work on but I keep going back to ‘Black and White’. I think it’s because I’m one of the people whose last resort for outfits would be those two colours, personally I considered it boring (note the past tense).

I recently found out that I have a lot of black and white pieces that I almost never wear but now that I’m on a strict shopping budget, I get to appreciate the appeal of black and white.


I got this shirt dress some months ago and just abandoned it. I like the wide collar and A-line cut for the flair and the effect a little white gives on a lot of black. Surfing through my things for work wear this week, it came into view as well as some other similarly coloured outfits. It is long-sleeved but I always like to roll up my sleeves, I had to find a way that the white part would still show though.

You probably know that red does the colour pop for me and I’m trying to fit other colours in to but I still made do with my red shoes which I also wore in a similar fashion here.

I accessorized with a belt because I really don’t like to wear dresses without accentuating my waist except they are body-con types.


Green floral bag (borrowed from my mum) because it’s so cute and the chain hand makes it easy to carry especially with the irrelevant things I take around LOL.

This Pose though LOL

I’m so in love with this hair! I totally fell for it when I saw it on my colleague and found out it wasn’t even costly, I just begged her to take me to her stylist and I must confess it’s a break from normal weave.

It was done in the fishbone style (I really don’t know how to explain but you can google it) with pick-n-drop in the front. Naturalistas you’re gonna love this one especially because there’s enough space for air so no itching ?

I think the conservative look really looked good even though some of my friends said I looked like a teacher LOL.

More Black and White series coming up.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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