Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer

Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer Lagos

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October, which is an annual campaign done across the world to increase awareness of the disease. Some of us Nigerian Bloggers came together to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and because last week was super hectic for me, I’m glad this post is finally going up. 

In my last post, I talked about attending the Lagos Fashion and Design Week which I did but that’s gist for another day (post).

I had to take one week leave from work because I needed to stock up the store, practically moved to Surulere (Lagos, Nigeria) so I could easily get to the island where the Fashion Week was held for four days and also do a collaboration shoot with other Nigerian bloggers for Breast Cancer Awareness. In my hurried packing, I didn’t remember to take something to style the inscription T-shirt we all made, with and I had to pick a skirt from my Fashion Week outfits but who cares about repeating outfits right?

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer

So you already know that this post is super late but at least it got published in October which is the awareness month itself (Thank you Lord for this), although I’m probably the last blogger to get hers published (covers face in shame)

Larissa got some of us together from Ibadan, Abuja and Lagos to lend our voices for a worthy cause and I’m really grateful to her for that because no matter how little the impact this post makes, it counts. We all made inscription shirts, I really liked seeing everyone’s inscriptions and as lighthearted as they were, they all meant something important.

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer

Something Quick To Help Us Learn

-According to reports, Breast Cancer is the most invasive cancer in women and the second main cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer.

-There are More than 100 thousand cases of Breast Cancer per year in Nigeria.

-Breast cancer can occur in women and rarely in men (but it can occur)

-Symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, bloody discharge from the nipple and changes in the shape or texture of the nipple or breast.

-Treatment depends on the stage of cancer. It may consist of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

-It is advised that you get your breasts screened periodically by a professional and you can also check yourself (see Bella’s video on how to do that on her Instagram)

-If you do notice any symptoms, the earlier you get it checked (by a professional), the less risky it is. 

After witnessing the absolute pain of a close relative’s cancer illness, this hit a bit close to home and I am happy I got to do my bit in raising awareness for this. So Ladies (and Gentlemen), please remember that Mammogramming your Boobs is more importantly than Instagramming them”.

Wumi Tuase Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness

Also please check out the posts of the other bloggers who participated in this and we got a guy too!

Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer Ibadan


Bella of www.iambrownie.com

Sarah of http://www.princessaudu.com/?m=1

Kachi of http://www.staplesandstyle.com/

Portia of http://www.justporsh.com/?m=1

Chinju of www.attics.me

Demi of https://highstreetmania.com/

Mabel of http://mabelozumba.blogspot.com.ng/?m=1

Vanessa of http://www.stylebyohaha.com/

Oluchi of http://dleonalife.com

Larisa of www.larisalefleur.com

Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer Abuja

Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer Abuja


Ifeoma of www.drapedinbasics.com

Lade of www.ladesblog.com

Nonye of www.thisthingcalledfashionn.wordpress.com

Orezi of https://youtu.be/t793QmL16dU

Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer Lagos


Boluwatife of https://pribodunke.wordpress.com/

Debbie of https://tostda.wordpress.com/

Leye of https://aojeniyi.wordpress.com/ 

Tolu Ajagbe of https://toluajg.wordpress.com/

Oyinda of http://lifeofdammy.com

Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer Ibadan

LoveandKisses from TANG

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective”- James 5vs16

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  1. This is beautiful content!
    I see myself too??.
    Way to go Mami!!

    1. wumituase says:

      Yes I see you too! Thanks hun

  2. you look amazing, I just really want that skirt lmao!!!!! Thank’s for being a part of this girl, you are awesome.

    1. wumituase says:

      Thanks for bringing up the initiative hun. Hey that skirt? Gotta join the queue LOL.

  3. Dleonalife says:

    You are not the last o. He he. You know what I would let you carry that shame sef. I absolutely love the way you style your tee. It was a pleasure working with you from afar. xx


    1. wumituase says:

      Hey hun! Thank you. Hope to meet you in person soon.

  4. A really great movement. And no sort of awareness could be too much for breast cancer, any sort of cancer!!
    Heads up, though, you wouldn’t get a mammogram done until you’re over 40 thereabouts. Most likely just a breast scan

    1. wumituase says:

      Oh really, I didn’t know that, thank you. Breast cancer awareness all day, everyday eh?! Thank you dear.

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