Loving the Ankara Way

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing?

My schedules have been really tight and I haven’t had much inspiration to actually take pictures and post anything but it’s getting better.

I have been thinking of how to spice up my wardrobe and I would be sharing some of the tips with you guys but before that, here’s another post on how I mix another Ankara material with more urban pieces.

You guys have probably noticed my love for blending Ankara and other materials now. It’s really easy to achieve a lot of looks just by pairing our various prints of Ankara fabrics with others.
Today, I picked this slightly over sized navy blue blazer (It’s a size 10) mainly because of the weather and I’m prone to cold so I have to protect myself LOL.

This pencil skirt is Laviye-inspired, I loved the idea of the v-curved slits in the front and back of Laviye pencil skirts and my tailor decided to place the bold pattern of the skirt at the zip area (I love!)

I didn’t really want to go for a plain camisole so I paired the skirt with this Vintage lace blouse and with a reason too; I can easily shift from work mode to hangout mode when I remove the jacket.

I almost picked a red shoe with it but my light peach pumps seem like they were made for the skirt so who am I to stand in nature’s way?? LOL.

A friend of mine inspired the hairstyle and I could easily do it because the Marley braids are getting old so they can be easily packed into any style (I have been getting hilarious comments from my colleagues though).

Purple lipstick just because I wanted another pop of color (don’t blame me, I have a colourful soul hahaha).

Enjoy the rest of your week guys.

LoveandKisses from TANG

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