2021 Plans- Life Update

2021 Plans- Life Update

First post and it’s all about my 2021 plans, Yay! 2020 was a year. There is a more detailed post in my thanksgiving post. It started off good, I had just quit my job and was looking forward to being a full time entrepreneur. I did a lot of research and was confident I could make a decent living from my business and as a content creator. No long talk though, we all know how the year went and here we are, a new year with new opportunities.

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2021 Plans

What are my 2021 plans? I honestly just want to live life fully, make enough money to take care of my responsibilities and relax. To be honest, the idea of working every day of my life is the actual ghetto, LOL. I ended the year 2020 with so many business ideas, you know, multiple streams of income. It just feels like my brain has not shut up since December 2020.  Even though, the stress of a new business is unavoidable, I need to make this money abeg.

Firstly, I battle seriously with consistency and it is because I get bored easily. Case in point, when I started making style videos. It was exciting at first, trying out creative transitions then it just became monotonous. I have been forced to rethink a lot of things concerning Instagram since my account was disabled. Yes ooo, Instagram took my account down for copyright issues and I have been trying to get it back. I recently opened a new account, please follow  (@thewumilifestyle). Starting over seems daunting but I know it will work out.

Content Wahala

I have really missed creating consistent content on the blog. Losing my Instagram account woke me up to focusing my content elsewhere. Even though it seems like people do not read blogs anymore, I know that is not true. Hope you are ready to become a regular reader again because I am ready to be consistent. I also have plans of starting a YouTube channel as well. Although, I still have to take things easy because of my back issues and not stress too much.

I have had back pain for years but it got worse in December and I was rushed to the hospital. The scan showed multi-level bulges which flared up due to the nature of my work. Now, I feel like a 60 year old because of this back despite having all these energy in me to do work. Well, if I want to live long and healthy, rest is paramount.

All my 2021 plans look daunting especially with the Covid 19 surge again but I am positive. I hope you are too.

Please let me know what type of content you would like to see on the blog going forward. Thank you!

Photo- Manvibess// Dress- Thrift Store NG.

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him”- Psalm 40vs3

5 thoughts on “2021 Plans- Life Update

  1. I just wan to let you know I still read blog posts especially yours and you have a loyal reader here. I hope your back ills soon enough, sorry about that, Wumi.

    1. I just wan to let you know I still read blog posts especially yours and you have a loyal reader here. I hope your back heals soon enough, sorry about that, Wumi.

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