Wumi Tuase Nigerian Lifestyle blogger lock-down shopping

The lock-down period in Lagos was expected yet disrupting. Even though we were all trying to stay prudent because of the unknown, some people still shopped. I am one of you and you would find some of my gains in …


Navigating The Mid-Twenties- TANG Diaries

Navigating the mid-twenties Nigerian lifestyle blogger

The mid-twenties come with major pressures whether you like it or not. There are so many unavoidable circumstances that I feel as if the decisions one makes in their mid-twenties affect the rest of their lives.


Customer Service For Online Businesses

Customer service coach Wumi Tuase

Quite a lot of online businesses disregard the need to have a professional Customer Service experience. It could be as a result of not being a physical customer-facing brand or they do not just know the importance. Customer service was …


Social Distancing- 5 Fun Things To Do At Home

Social distancing- Fun things to do while you stay at home

Social distancing is the new reality and I hope we are all maintaining it. It has been a few weeks since we have been home and most parts of the world are currently locked down. Even though we are staying …

Diary Fashion

Birthday Post- A Year Of thanksgiving

Birthday post thaknsgiving wumi tuase birthday girl drinking wine

The obligatory birthday post this year will be brief because I am overwhelmed with love and all I want to do is give thanks to God.

Fashion Style

How To Style A Midi Plaid skirt- Simple & Chic

How to style a plaid skirt and bodysuit fashion blogger neutrals styling

It is quite easy to identify the plaid skirt with school uniforms but it is a very gorgeous piece especially when styled in a mature way.

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