Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute I know! I have been totally preoccupied and busy but I have news, actually it’s double news so stick with me till the end when I’d share the second one.

You all know Grace of by now in fact it feels like I always mention her on every post yeah? Sigh, that girl is something else and that’s probably why I love her. So Grace has come up with her own ready to wear line Yay! and I am excited to be a part of her first unveiling. She lives in her comfort zone so you guys would love her pieces because they are so not stressful to wear, they are your everyday pieces with the fabulous touch of Epiphany29 infused with it.

This top that she gracefully named ‘The Wumi Set’ (doing my Queenly wave) is part of a two-piece that includes shorts. We decided to show you the versatility of her pieces by wearing the tops in two different ways. Check them out and let me know which is your fav!







Please follow the page on Instagram @shop_epiphany29 to place your orders.

The second news, for many of you that have been literally on my neck to shop for you or take you where I shop, I have opened an online Thrift store!!! ┬áIt’s no news that I love thrift shopping and I want to share all those goodies I get for affordable prices with you all. Although, I am yet to upload the newest batch of items yet, I have them in stock and would be putting them up from next week so please follow the page on Instagram @Thethriftstoreng so you can get notification first when I post the items.

This is something I’ve been working on for a long time & I’m hoping you all show support. Thank you!

Have a fab weekend!

LoveandKisses from TANG

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