TANG X Mira La Belle- Florals

Hi people! What’s up? So I’m back here with another collaboration post and this time it is with the DIY […]

Ijenna Osuji shares a few terms to broaden your fashion vocabulary

Hi people! All my plans for the blog have somehow being going down this week but Ijenna of miralabelle.com, came […]

Hive Shirt X Casual Outfit

When young creatives come up with fabulous stuff, I am always eager to be a part of it and that […]

Shop Epiphany 29 is Live!

Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute I know! I have been totally preoccupied and busy but I have news, […]

The Liebster Award X Giveaway Update

Hi people! What’s up? So one of my main babes Grace of epiphany29.com nominated me for the Liebster Award and […]

About The Weekend 

Happy new week guys, I hope you are all as happy with the four-day week as I am. My weekend […]