I promised to wear bright colors more this year and I’m not sure I kept up with it that much or I probably just did not post them here.

Can I say I’ve been having blogger’s block or just come out straight to blame it on my almost dead laptop, internet issues, lack of pictures & time or just basically LIFE? I’d go with anyone that will make you my awesome readers not too upset with me. On that note, Happy New Month! Hope your December is going great?

Wear bright colors blue and green for Christmas

I tweeted recently that I probably need to do a Christmas wishlist but I know how my bank account isn’t smiling much so let me just respect myself, share this outfit details and carry my wahala and be going.

The two colors I never thought to pair together are blue and green but I’ve seen them on a few people and I got into it. So many people only focus on red when talking about Christmas colors and we forget how beautiful the color green is too. Personally, I only remember green when I think of Nigeria’s Independence LOL and that was the reason I bought this skirt in the first place. Long story short, Independence Day pictures didn’t make it but since it’s one of Christmas colors, here we are!

Wear bright colors blue and green for Christmas

I picked my mum’s sweater (you can already see how big it is) because I initially wanted to do a slouchy “sweater X pleated skirt X sneakers” look but I changed my mind about the sneakers. Although, I think I should have probably just taken one picture to show you how to “casual it down” with the sneakers. Got the skirt during my Thrift shopping and I’ve worn it about 4 times to work and church, it’s slowly becoming a fave.

Wear bright colors blue red and green for Christmas

My shoe has a touch of red on it so I guess I still went with most of the Christmas colors plus the white glasses too; white is part of the colors! Waist bags are trending everywhere. I find them to be quite convenient because I usually carry so much stuff, I need the extra hand space. After Uzzy’s DIY, I decided to try my own in a different way (I’m not so useless apparently). I’d share how I did mine on Instagram (Hopefully) soon so follow me to keep up.

Waist pouch And bright colors for Christmas

I went really simple with this outfit because I was still a bit skeptical about the combination of the colors but I ended up liking them. Also, everyone I saw that day smiled after seeing it (apart from the guy in the bus). That’s the essence of a jolly good Christmas outfit though. I hope the colors on this outfit make you smile too.

Lagos street bright colors blue and green for Christmas

Wear bright colors blue and green for Christmas

Wear bright colors blue and green for Christmas

Wear bright colors blue and green for Christmas

What’s your favorite Christmas color? Would you prefer this outfit with sneakers instead?

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Outfit Details

Sweater- Mum’s Closet//Skirt & Bag- The Thrift Store NG//Shoes- Gift//Glasses- Haute Signatures//Photos- Aderopo Afolabi

14 thoughts on “Colors for the Yuletide Season- Blue & Green

  1. Love the shoes !!! You shot that at Bode Thomas ?! Never thought that backdrop would turn out like this.
    LOOOL at I’m actually not useless ! I see me saying that in my head too
    Love the look x

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